Be part of the excitement by becoming a

Seasonal Supporter

of the Scottish Rite Auditorium

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Become a Seasonal Supporter of the Scottish Rite Auditorium!


      • Because you want to play an important role in keeping the arts and culture alive and accessible in Camden County.
      • You enjoy knowing that 100 % of your investment will be utilized right here, directly in your local community.
      • Your business understands the significance of investing in the community by supporting events that bring people together.
      • You know your customers appreciate a business that supports the local arts community.
      • You value making a connection with thousands of patrons that attend shows throughout the year.
      • Your business will receive the unmatched perks of partnering with an entertainment venue as unique as the Scottish Rite.

If you are interested in investing in the preservation of a historic treasure and ensuring the continuation of the arts and entertainment at one of our area’s most unique venues, please reach out by calling 856-858-1000, emailing, or by completing the form below.

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