Madeleine Peyroux and Ricki Lee Jones

Twenty years after her recording debut, Dreamland, Madeleine Peyroux continues her musical journey of exploring beyond the ordinary with Secular Hymns, a spirited and soulful masterwork delivered in a captivating mélange of funk, blues and jazz. With her band mates – electric guitarist Jon Herington and upright bassist Barak Mori – Peyroux set out to record in a live setting a collection of songs that have their own hymn-like stories of self-awareness and inner dialogue, a communal consciousness and a spiritual essence.

Rickie Lee Jones:  Think of what you are about to read as a documentary film of sorts, replete with close-ups and fade-outs, starring the premiere song-stylist and songwriter of her generation, Rickie Lee Jones. In this film we see Rickie’s thick, long blonde hair as she walks down a bucolic road. She does not wear shoes. She carries a guitar. As Jones searches for a place to sit and play in the sun, we see various aspects of her life come into frame, engaging Jones’ attention as she smile, listens and reflects. She starts playing her guitar and singing any number of her award winning songs; Chuck E.’s in Love, or her interpretation of Making Whoopee, for which she won a Grammy in 1990.