Lucinda Williams


"For the Scottish Rite folks - Love & Peace"

In a rare instance of an artist taking a full-length reconsideration of an earlier work, GRAMMY® winning singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams released This Sweet Old World– a complete re-recording of her 1992 album. Produced by Williams and Tom Overby, This Sweet Old World— recorded to mark the 25th anniversary of the original album’s release features all-new renditions, some of which have been dramatically rearranged and rewritten. Williams says of the re-grooved This Sweet Old World, “Everything’s different now. It’s a different band, it’s a different studio. My voice is different — I think it’s better now. We lowered the keys on pretty much every song, and that’s going to give it a different sort of lushness. My voice is deeper and richer now, mature. It’s like a new album.”