Holman applauds Scottish Rite … and we thank them

During Holman’s 93 years in business it has developed 5 basic values which govern both our employees’ actions at work and the company’s behavior in the wider world. Of this quintet, there is none more important than the simple phrase “devotion to our community”. Holman works hard to be a good neighbor, striving to support our region by making it a better place for our employees and customers to live and work.

In South Jersey there are few cultural institutions so valuable to our community, landmarks so recognizable, as the Scottish Rite Auditorium and adjoining Grand Ballroom. The significance of the institutions in the artistic and community life of South Jersey makes easy the decision to support them with Holman’s charitable giving.

As a professional furniture maker of thirty-five years, I personally am drawn to the buildings themselves: the whole facility is an historical gem, a fascinating tribute to the vision and craftsmanship of another century. Of course, its significance extends far beyond its physical beauty. There is no better magnet in all of South Jersey for the kind of nationally recognized musical talent that prefers intimate performance venues than the Scottish Rite. Nor is there another institution so potent a symbol of community cohesion: as an organization supported and maintained by the people of South Jersey themselves, its thriving presence as a performance space and community center speaks to its importance to our region’s people.

If Holman wants to be as good corporate citizen, it must support those charitable causes and cultural havens that its neighbors treasure. The Scottish Rite is one of those institutions.