Please join us for a #supporttherite night! A virtual fundraiser of entertainment from the comfort of your own home!

When: Friday, April 3 from 6p-10p

Reason: Due to the Covid-19 quarantine and social distancing laws, we have had to cancel the remainder of our concert season, our Music Lounge performances, the #ComedyDoneRite series, weddings, showers, galas and meetings…the list goes on.  Like many of our amazing artist friends who are gig workers, our income has all but vanished. 

What: We have approximately 40 performers.  Comedians, magicians, vocalists, singer-songwriters, dancers…it’s awesome. 

Goal: To bring quality entertainment into people’s homes, live and local, keep our new brand fresh and vibrant, and lift everyone’s spirits. If you feel moved to donate,  proceeds for this awesome event will benefit The Collingswood Foundation for the Arts, the shepherding organization of the Collingswood Grand Ballroom, Scottish Rite Auditorium, and Hurley Mansion – which keeps this old beauty of a building functioning.

How to enjoy the entertainment: The feed will run through our Scottish Rite Auditorium Facebook page. We stream live at 6:00 pm. Click on donate button to contribute.  Or go to paypal directly!

Event Date

April 3, 2020

Event Time

7:00 pm

Ticket Price