“Remember When?” 2021 Edition

Come see comedian Joe Matarese perform his all new “Remember When?” The 2021 Edition standup show in South Jersey where he actually lived everything in his nostalgic show. If you saw the original Remember When? show last time Joe performed it at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Feb 2020 just before the pandemic hit, don’t worry a lot has been added and changed since then. This time Joe has two hilarious South Jersey comedians opening for him Dan Callahan and Brendon Donegan. He has also upped the shows production big time this year by adding a live band to the stage to back him up for the 2021 version of the show, and he’s has added a lot of new standup material to the show. Don’t miss this great night of laughing and reminiscing about the 80’s when singers didn’t use auto tune, and when going to a kegger in the woods was worth getting grounded for.

Event Date

October 1, 2021

Event Time

8:00 pm