“Echoes of the 70s” – Courier Post Weighs In On Our 2016 Series

Local journalist Nicole Pensiero for the Courier Post recently wrote an article dedicated to our current & upcoming concert shows! In her article, Ms. Pensiero sits down for a chat with our director about our theatre and phones up past performers, curating their opinions and memories of their experiences playing the Scottish Rite. When brought together with our current show schedule, her piece paints a lively picture of our quaint but never boring concert venue.

America, like Hackett, is happy to return to the Scottish Rite, which was built as a Masonic temple in 1931 and has been used as a concert venue ever since Collingswood Borough worked out a long-standing lease with the Freemasons more than a decade ago. The popular concert series runs from October through April. (Summers are out, as the building isn’t air-conditioned). The Freemasons, meanwhile, use the facility several times each year for their own events.

All involved have said that this this beautiful building — with its stained glass ceiling and stadium seating arranged in a semi-circle — has become a win-win for the performers, the audience and nearby businesses.

Continue reading on the Courier Post website for the full article and concert schedule. And don’t forget to place your ticker orders soon before these popular shows sell out!