Lucinda Williams reinterprets a classic in Collingswood

When Louisiana native Lucinda Williams recorded her 1992 beloved breakthrough album, “Sweet Old World,” she figured that was that, so to speak. But with the 25th anniversary of its release approaching, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter found herself receptive to an idea her husband/manager, Tom Overby, raised: How about completely re-recording the album? “At first IContinue Reading

“Echoes of the 70s” – Courier Post Weighs In On Our 2016 Series


Local journalist Nicole Pensiero for the Courier Post recently wrote an article dedicated to our current & upcoming concert shows! In her article, Ms. Pensiero sits down for a chat with our director about our theatre and phones up past performers, curating their opinions and memories of their experiences playing the Scottish Rite. When brought togetherContinue Reading

Storm Water Management Award

rain garden

We’re happy to report our rain garden is a Blue Ribbon winner for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Gardening & Greening contest in the Storm Water Management category! We received our award at the 2015 Philadelphia Flower show in March. Our rain garden was a collaboration between Rutgers Water Resources Program, which received a grant fromContinue Reading


Auditorium 2

Welcome to our new blog!  We are excited to announce the launch of our new interactive website to inform you of all the upcoming events, history, and past performances at the Scottish Rite Auditorium!